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About Me

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What's the deal?

When I was 10 years old, I stumbled into auditions, mother in tow, for a local professional theatre production. I booked a role- the big cheese- "Schoolgirl #1." 

One of the actors in the play told me that I should only pursue acting if I loved it more than anything else. So, naturally, I spent most of my life anxiously searching for other things to love. I followed a few pursuits: Arabic, physics, fine art, pure mathematics, music, elections administration. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, I attended Mount Holyoke College, where I graduated  as a mathematics major and an Arabic minor with highest honors in physics.  After college, I published my research in a national journal while studying at Budapest Semesters in Mathematics on a Fulbright grant.  But in  the end, the goose was cooked: I still haven't found anything I love to do quite as much as acting. 

I love acting because it requires constant learning and growing, chipping away deeper and deeper to get at an inherent truth. Not in a Sisyphean way, in a fun way!

Also, I am highly motivated by free food. 

I am so grateful to have had comprehensive, lifelong arts education. Due to great teachers and my parents reluctantly driving me around town for a decade, I am a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, I have dance training in modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop, and I studied drawing and painting for 18 years at the Art Academy, my second home. 

I would love to cap this off with something insufferable, like "most days you can find me... on set!" More accurately, most days you can find me stuck in traffic, eating string cheese. 

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