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About Me

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What's the deal?

If you ever find yourself in the middle of Budapest, staring down a life of mathematics, I suggest fleeing during a global pandemic and becoming an actor.  

I started acting as a small child, ordering my friends to play pretend with me. I worked in professional theatre  for the first time at age 10, and then pursued a bunch of other stuff that seemed more stable. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, I attended Mount Holyoke College, where I graduated  Phi Beta Kappa as a mathematics major, Arabic minor, with highest honors in physics.  After college, I studied math in Hungary on a Fulbright grant, and had my research  published in an American journal. 

The goose was cooked in Budapest. I acted in a production of 'The Vagina Monologues' with women from all around the world, and  I remembered what I had been running away from: math is good, acting is better.

I like acting because it's a search for inherent truth (that's math, baby). I have seen the thorniest parts of myself reflected back at me by strangers on screen, and it's made me feel less alone. Most days, you can find me stuck in LA traffic, eating string cheese.  

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