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About Me

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We learn to act as kids. Few dramas can capture the daily emotional journeys of children on a playground: the sting of betrayal when one kid refuses to share, the jubilation of an open swing, the unbridled despair of a parent dragging you out of the sand because, God forbid, you have to go to your piano lesson. Children are messy and irrational. They know what they want and will employ any tactic to try to get it- bargaining, tantrums, even physical violence (I have been kicked in the stomach many a time by a certain mercurial 3 year old).  ​They commit to playing pretend with a vicious, full-throated conviction, at once screaming at their older brothers, the next moment ducking for cover from a terrible, invisible threat. 

Child's play is a serious matter.

I am ready to play. 

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, I attended Mount Holyoke College, where I graduated (you guessed it) as a mathematics major and an Arabic minor with highest honors in physics. After college, I published my research in a national journal while studying at Budapest Semesters in Mathematics on a Fulbright grant. I moved to LA in January of 2022. 


I have been acting my entire life, from subjecting my childhood playmates to far-flung scenarios, to working in professional theatre beginning at age 10. As I continued to perform throughout high school and college,  I gained the discipline that comes from watching a lot of (sometimes very loud) individuals with different backgrounds and responsibilities come together to create a piece of art. Working on sets in LA, I feel at home among the many detail-oriented overachievers who love movies and go to bed too late.

Other than acting and various STEM pursuits, I love to study art in other forms.  I am a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, I have dance training in modern, ballet, jazz, and hip hop, and I studied drawing and painting for 18 years at the Art Academy, my second home. My dad also made me learn how to fly fish  when I was in seventh grade, but I mostly caught bluegills. 

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